The government of Yemen said, on Thursday 08/13/2009, it had set six conditions for ending a three-day offensive against Shiite Saada Rebels that has left dozens dead in the nation’s northern mountainous region. The ceasefire terms for the province of Saada, announced by Yemen’s Supreme Security Committee, include a complete rebel withdrawal, the dismantling of all checkpoints, and information on six Europeans kidnapped last June.

According to SABA news agency, the conditions set for the rebels are as follows:.

1- Withdraw from all districts of Saada and remove all check points hindering citizens movement..

2- Descend from the mountains and end banditry and destruction acts. .

3- Hand over all military and civil equipment they overtook..

4- Clarify the situation of kidnapped foreigners believed to be abducted by the rebels.  .

5- Hand over kidnappers from Saada (see – Saada Hostages).

6- No intervention into the Local Authority affairs in any form..

Yemeni forces have been fighting Shiite rebels who reject the legitimacy of the ruling government and demand the restoration of the Zaidi imamate that was overthrown in a 1962 coup. This fighting has left thousands dead since 2004 and has seen a recent flair up.
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