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>OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to Christophe Crepin, a French police union representative, on Tuesday 01/13/2015, Investigations into the bloody Paris Terror Rampage suggest it was financed from abroad, was hatched as long as three years ago and involved a terrorist cell of as many as 10 people, many of whom are still at large.

CBS news, quoting unidentified sources, reported Tuesday that Said Kouachi, one of two gunmen who attacked Charlie  Hebdo, returned from Yemen in 2011 with $20,000 from the terrorist group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP, to finance the operation.

The weapons used by a terror cell came from outside the country and authorities are urgently tracing the source of the financing, Christophe Crepin said.

French police said they had also found a second flat in Paris which had been used as a hide-out by Amedy Coulibaly, and contained weapons.

A Belgian arms dealer was responsible for supplying most of the weapons used in the Charlie Hebdo attack. Belgian media reported that the dealer, Neetin Farasula, from Charleroi in French-speaking southern Belgium, who is a known figure in Brussels’ underworld, turned himself in to authorities, on Tuesday. 01/13/2015. Neetin Farasula,  allegedly aligned with I.S.I.S, is thought to have been involved in negotiating the sale of guns to Amedy Coulibaly.

Police searched the suspect’s apartment and found documents linking him to a transaction with Amedy Coulibaly, Local press reports said that Coulibaly purchased the Škorpion submachine guns he used in the attack from the suspect, who was also the source of the rocket-propelled grenade launcher and Kalashnikov automatic assault rifles used by Saïd and Chérif Kouachi. were purchased by Amedy Coulibaly near the Gare du Midi in Brussels for less than €5,000.

Amedy Coulibaly got the money for the weapons from a $7,000 loan he took out in early December 2014  from French financial-services firm Cofidis, the French newspaper Le Parisien said on Wednesday 01/14/2014..

In 2010 Islamist radicals had used links with crime gangs in Belgium to procure weapons in order to organise a prison break for Smaïn Aït Ali Belkacem, architect of the 1995 terror attacks on Paris’s RER suburban railway

NASR AL-ANZIIn an 11-minute video posted online on Wednesday 01/14/2015, a top leader of AQAP, Nasr al-Anzi (pic-L), has claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack  saying that the massacre at Charlie Hebdo was in “vengeance for the prophet”.

On Friday 01/16/205 the French Police conducted raids in five towns in the Paris region:.Montrouge, Grigny, Chatenay-Malabry, Epinay-sur-Seine and Fleury-Merogis overnight, iTele reported.Twelve suspects were held by police in the Paris region over the attack. They were questioned about “possible logistical support”, such as weapons or vehicles, they could have given the three gunmen, police say. Four of the detainees,  including two who were detained while trying to cross from France into Italy, were also in the list of suspects in the Verviers Raid in Belgium on the previous evening, Thursday 01/15/2015.

Two men – identified as Mourad Abdulla Abad and Taha al-Issawi, both French citizens of Tunisian origin – were arrested. on Thursday 01/15/2015, while trying to leave through one of the Yemen’s airports, the source said. Paris confirmed two of its citizens had been arrested.

* Two people were arrested, on Tuesday 12/15/2015, in northern France were held on suspicion of helping to provide guns to Amedy Coulibaly. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the man arrested was Claude Hermant, who is known to have links to far-right groups, while the other is his partner. 

Epilogue :

* Nasr al-Anzi  himself was, eventually, killed by an USA UAV drone missiles attack, on Thursday 05/07/2015, near the Port town of Mukalla on the Indian Ocean, in Hadramawt, Eastern Yemen


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