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Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, on Wednesday 10/07/2009, said the USA is behind the disappearance of the Iranian scientist, Dr. Shahram  Amiri (pic), while in Saudi Arabia in 05/2009, 5 months ago.  “We have found documents that prove USA interference in the disappearance of the Iranian pilgrim Shahram  Amiri in Saudi Arabia,” Mottaki told reporters after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Iranian news media reported that Dr. Shahram  Amiri researches nuclear technology uses for medicine, but other reports suggested he worked at a recently disclosed uranium enrichment plant near Qom (see – Last Prank).

The Iranian minister, however, noted that the Saudi government is responsible for its failure to fully protect the Iranian pilgrim. “Iran’s Foreign Ministry will follow the case,” Mottaki conveyed.

The scientist’s disappearance raises the possibilities of kidnapping; an intellectual seeking asylum; or a defection arranged by American and Saudi intelligence agencies.

In 02/2005 the Irania Revolutionary Guard General Ali Reza Asgari, who was in charged on the logistic of the Iranian nuclear program defected to with his entire family, where he is cooperating with the USA CIA.
* The American TV news channel ABC reported, on Tuesday 03/30/2010, that Shahram  Amiri defected willingly to the USA and is now helping the CIA to learn the capacity of the Iranian nuclear program. Iran said, in response, that Shahram  Amiri is the eleventh Iranian scientist “imprisoned” in the USA.

* Two contradicting video footages were distributed in the web. The first, on Sunday 06/06/2010, and the second the next day, Monday 06/07/2010, ahead of the UN Security Council gathering, on Wednesday 06/09/2010, scheduled to vote on a new round of sanctions against Iran. In the first footage Dr. Shahram  Amiri claimed he was kidnapped and tortured last year by American agents, in the second footage a man who identified himself as the same scientist said he was studying happily in the United States.

Although USA has never officially acknowledged Shahram  Amiri’s existence, much less admitted to having any role in his disappearance, an American intelligence official referred to the videos and said “Does anyone really believe that someone supposedly held captive has Internet access and the ability to make and send videos? That doesn’t make any sense” (see – Secret-War).
 In a close inspection of the two video footages in seems like the “tortured”  Shahram  Amiri, in the first footage, is, probably, an impostor. .

*On Tuesday 07/13/2010 morning, Iranian State Media claimed Shahram  Amiri found refuge in the Pakistani embassy in Washington, which represent Iranian interests in USA. A spokesman from Pakistan’s Foreign Office, Abdul Basit, told the BBC, few hours later, that Shahram  Amiri was seeking immediate repatriation to Iran. (see – Amiris Confusion)..

* Security officials in USA confirmed, on Thursday 07/15/2010, that Shahram  Amiri was in CIA payroll since 2007 and provided useful information. He defected willingly and received about $5 millions for his services, which he cannot use in Iran due to USA and international sanctions. President Barack Obama admitted that the return of Shahram  Amiri to Iran is, indeed, a sort of confusion since potential deserters and informants are, for now, much more deterred.

. According to the officials, Shahram  Amiri was also one of the sources that helped author a controversial report published by the American National Intelligence in 2007, which claimed Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program back in 2003 (see – BUSH’S LAST YEAR). It raises the concern that Shahram  Amiri was planted by Iran into American intelligence deliberately, giving up some genuine real information, in order to manipulate the American intelligence about the real status of Iran’s nuclear program. If so it is one of the successful Iranian intelligence operation since Ahmed Chalabi’s affair in 2003 (see -US INTEL SOURCES).


** Iran confirmed, on Sunday 08/07/2016, Shahram Amiri was detained, soon after he returned to Iran, over spying for the USA and was executed by hanging recently . They said Shahram Amiri “provided the enemy with vital information of the country.” 


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