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According to the German Der Spiegel magazine website, on Monday 10/12/2009, American troops boarded a German-owned freighter, Hansa India, in early 10/2009, and found eight containers full of ammunition, which was allegedly heading to Syria from Iran. A German diplomat described the event as an “embarrassing affair”.

According to the weekly, US soldiers boarded the freighter, Hansa IndIa, in the Gulf of Suez, and discovered seven containers full of 7.62 millimeter ammunition, suitable for Kalashnikov rifles. An eight container was full of cartridges suitable for the manufacture of additional rounds and a large quantity of anti-tanks missiles .

Investigators believe that the arms were part of an Iranian shipment bound for either the Syrian army or the Lebanese militant group, Hezbullah.

The shipment is in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747, which bars shipments either into or out of Iran. Two US warships halted the freighter after receiving a tip from intelligence services, said the weekly.

The ship, which is registered to a Hamburg-based shipping company, has for years been under charter to Iran’s state-owned shipping company, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

On Monday, the British government ordered financial firms to stop all trade relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, alleging that the company had transported goods for Iran’s ballistic missiles and nuclear programs, reports Reuters. The order also applied to Iran’s Bank Mellat.

The United Arab Emirates seized a ship illegally carrying embargoed North Korean weapons, bound for Iran, diplomatic sources at the UN have said, on Friday 08/28/2009 night (see – ANL-AUSTRALIA).


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