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Three suspected Israeli spy devices have exploded, on Sunday 10/18/2009, in south Lebanon, two detonated remotely by the Israeli army and one destroyed by the Lebanese army, a military official said.

“One explosion occurred before midnight (2100 GMT) in a hilly part of the Houla border zone and a second happened in the same district (on Sunday) morning,” the official told AFP.

It “seems the two detonations were triggered by Israel which exploded two spying devices it had planted in the sector a long while ago… Israel feared for one reason or another that they might be discovered and proceeded to destroy them by exploding them remotely,” the official added.

Lebanese forces later located another device and exploded it on Sunday morning after going to the area on Saturday night with UNIFIL peacekeepers.

A security official in south Lebanon told AFP the devices were used for “surveillance of communications by the resistance (referring to Hizbullah).” UNIFIL later confirmed the devices were indeed planted by Israel.

According to intelligence sources the devices monitored the secret optical fiber communication network system of the Hizbullah in South Lebanon which connect the Hizbullah directly to Syria and Iran.

The military official also said Lebanese anti-aircraft guns fired at an “Israeli UAV reconnaissance aircraft which violated Lebanese air space, overflying the southern region of Bint Jbeil”. “The army fired because the aircraft was within range,” she conveyed.
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