A Minnesota man, Omer Abdi Mohamed, 24, has pleaded, on Tuesday 11/24/3009, not guilty to terror-related charges, involving al-Shabab in Somalia, in connection with the disappearances of as many as 20 young men, the Minneapolis Network, who left the Twin Cities to fight with terrorists in Somalia.

Omer Abdi Mohamed entered his plea Tuesday during an arraignment in USA District Court in Minneapolis. He is among 18 men charged in the long-running federal investigation .

Omer Abdi Mohamed was indicted last week on counts of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, providing material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim or injure.

Omer Abdi Mohamed is released on bond. His attorney, Peter Wold, says Mohamed has absolutely no connection with terrorists. A trial date has not been set.
Omer Abdi Mohamed and the other 17 men have been charged allegedly went to malls and apartments, falsely telling members of the Somali community they were raising money to build a mosque or help relief efforts in their home country. Omer Abdi Mohamed’s trial started, on Tuesday 07/12/2011, with jury selection..

Eventually, on Tuesday 07/19/2011, Omer Abdi Mohamed pleaded guilty to helping recruit young Somali-American men from the northern U.S. state of Minnesota to return to their homeland in an effort to overthrow the Somali government. Omer Abdi Mohamed is one of six people of Somali descent to plead guilty in Minnesota as part of a wide federal investigation.  


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