127 people were killed and 182 others wounded when four or more large car bombs shook Baghdad on Tuesday 12/08/2009 at about 10:30, the latest high-profile blasts apparently aimed at sensitive Iraqi government buildings, police officials said.

The explosions rattled buildings across the capital, and undermined a fragile sense of security ahead of an auction of oilfield contracts this weekend, when executives from top oil firms will fly into town, and before an election next year.

According to reporterS, there were five attacks beside the Labor and Interior ministries and other governmental buildings.

“Civilians and security personnel have definitely been killed. We will announce more details as we have them,” Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim al-Moussawi told Reuters.

An interior ministry official said 12 of those killed in Dora were students at a nearby technical college. Other 3 victims were policemen working at a nearby checkpoint.

Tuesday’s bombings come two days after the Iraqi parliament passed a new electoral law paving the way for general elections in 02/2010. Iraqi and USA military officials have expressed concern about a possible spurt in attacks aimed at destabilizing the government before next year’s polls.

The attacks are duplications of similar attacks in Baghdad committed on 10/25/2009 (see – Baghdad 10.25.09) and on 08/19/2009 (see – Baghdad 08.19.09). The traces of those attacks led to a Syrian based Baath opposition group, former loyalists of Saddam Hussein (see – SYRIAN-Connection).
* Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has fired, on Wednesday 12/09/2009, the head of Baghdad’s security forces Lt Gen Abboud Qanbar in the wake of Tuesday’s bombing. .

* Also on Wednesday 12/10/2009, the Islamic State of Iraq, an Al Qaeda’s offshoot, posted a statement on a website used by militants claiming responsibility for the horrendous attack a USA based group that monitors such websites said. The same group previously claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings on 10/25/2009 at the Justice Ministry and Baghdad governorate headquarters that killed 155 people, and for two others on 08/19/2009 that killed 95 people at two other ministries although there were firm evidences that the attack was staged from Syria by Baath loyalists (see – SYRIAN Double-face). 


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