On Sunday, 07/15/2007, a videotape with Osama Bin Laden was posted on the web.

In the 40 minutes videotape Osama Bin Laden glorified those who die in the name of Jihad, saying “even the Prophet Muhammad had been wishing to be a martyr”. The videotape shows also Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan paying tribute to fellow militants who have been killed in the country.

The former audiotape of Osama Bin Laden was broadcasted on 06/01/2006 in which he voiced support for the new leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq – Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Summary ; 

* Osama Bin Laden does not refer to any actual events and the videotape has the nature of a theological Islamic lesson about Jihad and martyrdom.

* The background of the videotape is similar to old videos broadcasted four or five years ago.

* The videotape does not shed light on Osama Bin Laden’s health or physical condition or even if he is alive or dead.

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