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NATO has confirmed, on Friday 12/25/2009, the Taliban has released a video that shows USA soldier Bowe Robert Bergdahl who was captured in Paktika, East Afghanistan, on 06/30/2009.

The 23-year-old airborne infantryman, originally from Idaho, appears healthy. He speaks calmly and clearly. The insurgents also released a video of Bowe Bergdahl a few weeks after he was captured.

In the video, Pte Bergdahl gives identifying details about himself such as his rank, date and place of birth, and deployment details. “This is just going to be the next Vietnam unless the American people stand up and stop all this nonsense,” he says.

US Navy Rear Admiral Gregory Smith has condemned the video in a statement, saying Pte Bergdahl had clearly been forced to read a prepared statement. He said releasing the clip on Christmas Day was an affront to the soldier’s family and against the teachings of Islam.

The Pentagon has said Pte Bergdahl was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment in Paktika province. He vanished from his base, near the border with Pakistan, just five months after arriving in Afghanistan.

The military has been trying to locate him ever since, and a reward has been offered for his safe return. He is believed to be the first soldier seized in either Iraq or Afghanistan for at least two years. NATO-ISAF also said of Friday a joint Afghan-international force killed several Taliban fighters in Paktika while searching for a commander of the Jalaluddin Haqqani network that they link to Al Qaeda.

IntelCenter said the quality of the 36-minute video was good and has an English-language narration in parts. It also showed images of prisoners in USA custody being abused.


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