In an irregular and unprecedented audio massage President Barack Obama said, in a second appeal to the American people within 24 hours, on Tuesday12/29/2009, there had been “systemic failure” in connection with the Western Flight-253 attack on a Detroit-bound passenger plane on Christmas Day.

When our government has information on a known extremist and that information is not shared and acted upon as it should have been, so that this extremist boards a plane with dangerous explosives that could cost nearly 300 lives, a systemic failure has occurred and I consider that totally unacceptable,” he told reporters.

In his blunt statement, Barack Obama said he wanted to talk to the American people because some preliminary information about the attack had raised serious concerns. However, the president was careful to praise the efforts of law-enforcement agencies and homeland security officials.

Umar Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, is suspected of trying to ignite an explosive called PETN using a chemical-filled syringe as Northwest Flight 253 approached Detroit on 12/25/2009.

US officials have scrambled to explain how Abdulmutallab was able to board the airliner for Detroit and ward off criticism that the response from Obama’s administration has been slow, antiseptic and inadequate. .
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