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Two French reporters and their driver/interpreter have been kidnapped, probably on Wednesday 12/30/2009, in North-East of the Afghan capital Kabul, Afghan officials said on Thursday. They say the journalists were seized in Kapisa province, along with three Afghans travelling with them..

French Defence minister Herve Morin, who is visiting Afghanistan, said he had had no news of two journalists since Wednesday. Their identity is unclear. Media sources in Paris said they work for the French TV Channel FR3. France-3 declined to identify the journalists. Lionel de Coninck, who heads the program the journalists worked for, said the two had been in Afghanistan for the last month and were set to return in the coming days..

According to provincial police chief Matiuallah Safi, the journalists and the Afghans accompanying them were abducted in the Shinkai district of Kapisa province, 120km (70 miles) from Kabul, where 10 French soldiers were killed on 18/08/2008 (see – Kabul 08.19.08).
Both the Taliban and other insurgent groups operate in Kapisa province. French troops are also stationed there as part of NATO-ISAF force in Afghanistan..
At the French base in Nijrab, in central Kapisa, Mr Morin said that he was not ruling out “any theories”. He is visiting the French troops in Afghanistan for the new year.
Italian news agency Ansa quoted a spokesman for the local Afghan governor named as Alim Ayar as saying the kidnapped had been taken to a remote Taliban stronghold.


Kidnapping westerners became the new trend of Islamic militants all over the world.

* On Wednesday Nicolas Sarkozy announced the release unharmed of the two French journalists Herve Ghesquiere and Stephanenesday 06/29/2011, The French President  Taponier along with their interpreter, Reza Din (see – Swap 04.11.10 ).


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