3 Palestinians from the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad have been killed in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli air strike, on Sunday 01/10/2010, Palestinian medics said.

The three gunmen were in a field often used to launch rockets into Israel, they said. An Israeli military spokesman said one of their UAV had carried out the strike in the Gaza Strip.

It came after three Palestinians were killed early on Friday by air raids in response to rocket attacks from Gaza. After Sunday’s attack, the Israeli military said the group was hit as they “were preparing to fire rockets into Israel.”

“We won’t tolerate the firing of rockets into Israel and we will respond harshly as we did now,” a military spokesman told AFP news agency.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that there had been 20 mortar bombs and rockets from the Gaza Strip last week. He vowed an “immediate and powerful response” to future attacks, Reuters news agency reported (see also – Gaza-Drift ).

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirmed 3 of his men were killed in the airstrike including Awad Nasir, a local commander in charge on a mortars unite which shelled Israel in the last week. .

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