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One of the most urgent subjects in the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit in Damascus, Syria, on 07/19/2007 for a 24 hours, was the LEBANESE crisis. Hemet with his Syrian counterpart President Bashar Assad and with the Hizbullah Secretary-GeneralHassan Nasrallah to discuss the issue.

Yesterday, 07/23/2007, Hassan Nasrallah gave a series of interviews to Arab media in the Gulf hinting the Hizbullah approach toward the Lebanese crisis, in full coordination with the Iranian new approach. (see- Iranian foreign-policy ) 

According to sources in the Gulf Hassan Nasrallah renewed his offer from 01/2007 to Fuad Senoira’s pro-Western Lebanese government to form a unity coalition Cabinet with 17 members of the “March 14 Coalition”, as the  Fuad Senoira’s supporters in the Lebanese parliament are named,  and 13  pro-Hizbullah members. According to Lebanese constitution – cabinet decisions require 60% majority. This proposal gives Hizbullah the power to veto any cabinet decision. 

In 01/2007 that proposal was totally rejected by Fuad Senoira because on the agenda was the issue of the investigation and the authorization by U.N of an international court to judge Rafik Hariris’ assassin suspects (see – UN-STL). This international court was approved on Wednesday, 05/30/2007, by UN Security Council. Today that issue is no longer in the hand of Lebanon alone but much more in the Hand of the International community and, therefore, the major disagreement that remains between Hizbullah and Fuad Senoira’s pro-Western Lebanese government is the policy toward Israel.

Hizbullah, despite its ideological attitude, is not hurrying, currently, to a new confrontation with Israel, in full accordance with the Iranian new approach (see- IRANIAN foreign-policy ).  This obstacle can be removed from the relations between the “March 14 Coalition” and Hizbullah and a political compromise in Lebanon, which seemed a week ago impossible, is now a real opportunity.

Syria is, probably, unhappy with the Lebanese compromise but, if it will be implemented, she will have a grater opportunity to veto and control through Hizbullah and her supporters in Lebanon, in some degree, the next Lebanese Cabinet without causing a risky regional crisis.

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