India intelligence officials suspect the terrorist group behind the Mumbai Carnage, in 11/2008, is planning another audacious strike on the country, this time from the air, using suicide bombers flying paragliders, Indian official said on Monday 01/25/2010.

UK Bansal, an Indian Home Ministry official, told reporters that the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) faction was thought to have acquired a number of the gliding parachutes. We have intelligence reports that LeT has purchased 50 paragliding kits from Europe with an intention to launch attacks on India,” he said. 

No other details were given, but security levels have been hiked across the country ahead of tomorrow’s Republic Day celebrations, one of India’s biggest holidays. 

If accurate, the intelligence would mark a radical new tactic. Experts said the potential threat posed by jihadist paragliders would have to be considered seriously as LeT, which murdered 166 people in Mumbai in a sophisticated commando-style raid, has already proven itself highly innovative. 

Paragliders usually do not have an engine but can, in skilled hands and in the right conditions, cover large distances.

* On 11/25/1987 2 Palestinians guerillas tried to penetrate the northern Israeli border from Lebanon. One landed in Lebanon and the other succeeded to land inside Israel. He attacked a military base and killed 6 soldiers before being killed himself. The attack was very traumatic for the Israeli IDF.
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