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The U.S. military said, on Thursday 01/28/2010, Saad Al-Shammari, also known as Abu Khalaf, key Al Qaeda leader responsible for moving, since 2006, hundreds of foreign fighters from Syria into Iraq, has been killed in northern Iraq. Abu Khalaf recruited terrorists from North Africa to serve as suicide bombers and aided in setting up their travel arrangements into Syria and ultimately Iraq

The military said in a statement, on Thursday, the man, described by some as the Emir (commander) of Al Qaeda in Mosul, was killed on 01/22/2010 after attacking a soldier during a joint Iraqi-USA raid in the northern city. They said the man has been identified through fingerprints and other means as Saad Saad Owaied Obaid al-Shammari. also known as Abu Khalaf.

USA intelligence officials have said Abu Khalaf has been the terror network’s foremost expert in preparing foreign fighters to cross from Syria into Iraq to launch suicide attacks since 2006.

Saad al-Shammari – Abu Khalaf, who lives in Syria, was declared on 05/22/2009, by USA intelligence and USA Treasury, as an Al Qaeda terrorist. His activity, suspected to be supported by the Syrian Intelligence, was one of the reasons that USA President Barack Obama decided, on 05/08/2009, to extend the sanction on Syria for supporting terror. Abu Khalaf replaced Abu Ghadiya, who was killed in the Abu-Kamal Raid, on 10/26/2008.
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