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Briton’s Labour government, on Wednesday 02/10/2010, suffered a major loss of face when an Appeal Court held that it could not block the disclosure of classified information relating to the alleged torture of terror suspects.

The Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger also bluntly accused MI5 officers of lying to parliament about the Service’s role in the torture of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee and said civil servants in the Foreign Office deliberately withheld information from the Foreign Secretary.

The victim, Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed (pic) alleged that British authorities were fully aware of the physical torture inflicted on him at the behest of USA officials during the seven years he spent as a detainee.

The Court of Appeal of three senior-most judges serving in the capacity in England and Wales ordered that the passages which described Mohamed’s treatment as “cruel, inhuman and degrading” should be declassified.

The seven-paragraphs included a summary of the information regarding his custodial treatment passed on to British intelligence by their CIA counterparts. It clearly stated that the young Briton was intentionally subjected to continuous sleep deprivation as well as threats and inducements.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary David Miliband who filed the petition seeking a restraining order put up a brave front saying that the judgment was “not evidence that the system is broken.”

However, he made a statement in the House of Commons in the wake of the court ruling saying that he accepted its decision but pointed out that the government’s opposition was not about the seven paragraphs.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International welcomed the court order as “another step toward accountability and transparency,” but it stressed that allegations of UK’s involvement in torture should be probed..

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