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Iranian authorities have arrested Abdulmalek Rigi (see – Baluchistan-Rigi) the leader of the Sunni Muslim militant group Jundallah, according to reports on state television, on Tuesday 02/23/2010.

The Arabic language channel al-Alam said Abdulmalek Rigi had been held in eastern Iran, but gave no more details. The state-owned Arabic language service, reported that Abdulmalek Rigi was arrested “inside Iran”, in the eastern part of the country, prompting speculation that Iran might have intercepted Rigis aircraft and forced it to land in Iran.

The official IRNA news agency later said he had been travelling in a plane to an Arab country via Pakistan before his arrest. “His plane was ordered to land and then he was arrested after the plane was searched,” Iranian lawmaker Mohammed Dehgan was quoted by news agency AFP as saying ( Failure in the Gulf ).

Press TV, the Iranian state-run English language service, said Abdulmalek Rigi had been in a USA military base 24 hours before his capture. It alleged the USA had issued Abdulmalek Rigi with an Afghan passport (see – Secret-War). It also said he had recently travelled to “European countries”. He was flying a Kyrgyzstan airliner from Pakistan to Dubai when the aircraft was forced down by the Iranian air force.
It is expected that in the coming days Iran will publish an initial report from Abdulmalek Rigi’s investigation to prove his affiliation to the CIA and/or the British MI.6.

Indeed, Abdulmalek Rigi said on Iranian state-run TV, on Friday 02/26/2010, that Iranian authorities had detained him on his way to a meeting with a “high-ranking American person” in Kyrgyzstan. .

** Abdulmalek Rigi was hanged, by the Iranian authorities, in front of families of victims of his insurgency, on Sunday 06/20/2010.


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