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On 08/15/2007 NATO and Afghan forces launched an air and ground attack on Tora Bora caves compound near the border with Pakistan, about 100km east of Kabul, Afghanistan’s Capital. An operation like that one can not be conducted unless there is reliable and precise intelligence, otherwise it is a shot in the dark. 

On 12/12/2001, during the last stage of operation “Absolute Justice”, “Northern Alliance” forces, supported by a small group of CIA agents and Special Forces, closed on Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda s’ leader in the caves compound in Tora Bora, East of Kabul, on the Pakistani border, but with the help of local tribes Osama Bin Laden and his aids managed to escape and are at large today (08/2007).

The Taliban in this area is taking advantage of the border with Pakistan. When the pressure of the Pakistani army is too much – the Taliban cross the border to the sovereignty o Afghanistan and vice versa.  On the Pakistani side of the border the Pakistani army is on the defense, suffers from heavy casulties and almost daily suicide attacks.

NATO-ISAF forces are not enough to seal the area and are dependent on Afghan forces for that purpose. It is not clear if the Afghan forces are loyal to the Afghan current regime and have a perception of an Afghan state or they are loyal primeraly to their tribe’s sheiks and if they have some sort of tribal relations with the Taliban.

Summary ;

At the end of the day the outcome of the new Tora-Bora operation is much more depended on the quality of the Afghan troops then the sophisticated technology of NATO-ISAF.

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