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Two rockets were fired from Egyptian Sinai at Israel’s Red Sea resort of Eilat, on Thursday 04/22/2010 dawn at about 05:30, but landed in Jordanian territory North of the town of Aqaba and in the sea, apparently without causing any injuries (see also -AQABA ROCKETS ATTACK).

The Katiusha 122 mm rockets, with a range of about 20 km, were fired from about 5 km south of the Taba border crossing between Israel and Egypt (see also – Hilton Taba Attack).

Earlier this month, Israel cautioned its citizens not to visit the Sinai, citing information that militants might try to kidnap vacationing Israelis (see -IL Alert 04.13.10). Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979. Jordan and Israel made peace in 1994.

About 20 terror cells related to Hizbullah, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Jaljalat are active in Egyptian Sinai.

* Egypt blamed, on Wednesday 8/04/2010 morning, the Red Sea attacks on Aqaba and Eilat, on 08/02/2010 (see – Aqaba 08.02.10), on Gaza-based militants, who had apparently sneaked into the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, although Hamas denied responsibility.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, on Wednesday 08/04/2010 evening, that Israel has “strong evidence” that Hamas in Gaza was behind the rocket barrage as well as the previous attack on 04/22/2010. “I want to make it clear to Hamas, and also to the government of Lebanon, which we see as responsible for the violent provocation against our soldiers, do not test our resolve to defend Israel’s civilians and soldiers,” he said (see -Misgav-An 08.03.10).  


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