* Amir Abdillah, 34, was convicted, on Monday 06/14/2010, of concealing information about Malaysian-born Islamist Noordin Mohammed Top and of taking part in preparations for a bomb attack on the convoy of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The sentence was lighter than the 10 years sought by prosecutors because he had cooperated with police and shown regret, the court heard.

Despite the court’s leniency, Amir  Abdillah expressed little remorse as he spoke to reporters after the sentence had been handed down. He also claimed he was innocent of the most serious charges, including plotting to kill President Yudhoyono.

Amir  Abdillah drove Noordin to meetings with terrorists, booked a room in West Java where the hotel attacks were planned and transported explosive materials to a house where a truck bomb was being assembled, prosecutors said.

The truck bomb was intended for an attack on Presiden Yudhoyono around independence day, on 08/17/2009,, but it never took place.

Two Islamic extremists carrying backpacks filled with homemade bombs blew themselves up at the neighboring JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels in downtown Jakarta on 07/17/2009 (see -Jakarta Hotels Bombing) .

Amir  Abdillah was in a car near the hotels with fellow-Islamist Syaifudin Jaelani as he issued the orders via mobile phone to the bombers to initiate their attacks, prosecutors said.

Syaifudin Jaelani was killed by police in the wake of the bombings (see – Jakarta Investigation).
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