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About 40 people gathered outside the station in Crompton Way, on Saturday 06/12/2010, protested outside Astely Bridge Police Station over the handling of Mohammed Hanif Umaraj Patel, in a terror case (see – Surat Defendants ).

Mohammed Hanif Umaraj Patel was arrested at his home in Astley Street, Hallivel, Bolton, about 20 Km North-West of Manchester, in 02/2010, following an extradition warrant issued by the Indian judicial authorities alleges conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. He is accused of planning two bomb attacks in Surat, Gujarat, India, which killed an eightyear- old girl and seriously wounded 12 others 17 years ago. The charges refer to a railway station bombing and a second shop blast in 1993 (see – Surat 1993).

After his arrest, Mohammed Hanif Umaraj Patel, aged 49, was remanded in custody while court officials decided whether he should be extradited to India.

At a High Court hearing earlier this month, Patel was granted bail on the condition he reports to Astley Bridge Police Station daily. English Defense League (EDL) Bolton Division members organized the protest, and EDL member Paul Lancashire handed in a letter and petition to police requesting the Secretary of State for Justice, Ken Clarke MP, reconsider the decision to grant Patel bail (see – JUDICIAL TANGLE).

Mr Lancashire said: “When defendants are accused of involvement in incidents of serious violence, they should be remanded in custody until their case has been dealt with.”

Supt John Lyons, of the Bolton Division, said: “We were well prepared for the submission of a petition in Bolton on Saturday and had contact with organizers.

“While the matter itself does not involve the force, the protest passed peacefully.” He added: “We also met with local community stakeholders to provide reassurance, and we thank them for the support.”
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