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A new drawing depicting the Prophet’s Muhammad head on the body of a dog, an impure animal in the Islamic society, was published in a Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda on Sunday 08/19/2007.

Iranian and Pakistani Foreign offices complained about this new cartoon, about a year after the Muhammad Cartoons crisis. The Swedish government, through the foreign ministry spokeswoman said that the government had “expressed regret that the publication of the cartoons had hurt the feelings of Muslims”.

The Pakistani foreign ministry expressed sorrow at what it described as a growing tendency “among some Europeans to mix the freedom of expression with an outright and deliberate insult to 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide”.

Despite a second week of Islamic protests outside its offices – Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda refused, on 09/01/2007, to apologize for printing the cartoon, which illustrated an editorial, on self-censorship and freedom of expression and religion.

The cartoon’s creator, Lars Vilks, said to the Danish agency Ritzau “You must be allowed to criticize religion, but I am not opposed to Islam”.


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