In yet more evidence which nails Pakistan’s inteligence agency – ISI terror policies against India, Afghanistan’s intelligence department has said, on Sunday 07/11/2010, that a series of deadly terror attacks on Indian establishments in Kabul originated from that country.

Afghanistan’s National Department for Security (NDS) alleged that the attacks on foreign targets were chalked out in Pakistan based terror sanctuaries of Taliban and other extremist organisations, The Daily Times reports.

NDS officials said that the members of the group, which had committed the INDIAN Embassy Bombing, in 07/2008, and the guest-house frequented by Indian nationals earlier this year (see – Kabul 02.26.10), have been arrested (see also – Kabul 04.24.10).

“This group either managed to flee or went into hiding, but have been arrested now,” NDS spokesman said.

The Taliban had carried out coordinated suicide attacks at two hotels in Kabul killing up to nine Indians, including two Major-rank Army officers in February.

At least 10 others, including five Indian Army officers, were injured in the strike that killed 8 others, including locals and nationals from other countries.

The bombers, believed to be three in number, struck at the guest houses, particularly at Park Residence, rented out by the Indian embassy for its staffers and those linked to India’s developmental work in Afghanistan.


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