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* Paul G. Rockwood Jr. aka Bilal, 35, of King Salmon, Alaska, an American convert to Islam by the end of 2001, was arrested, on Wednesday 07/21/2010. Paul G. Rockwood admitted that he had been radicalized by reading Anwar al- Awlaki’s tracts on the Web and had prepared a list of 15 people he believed should be killed for “desecrating Islam.”

According to his guilty plea in federal court in Anchorage, Paul G. Rockwood gave the list to his wife, Nadia Piroska Maria Rockwood, but neither is accused of taking any steps toward harming the people on the list, whom prosecutors did not name.

Paul G. Rockwood, who worked as a meteorological technician for the weather service and previously lived in Virginia but moved to Alaska in 2006,  began by late 2009 and after the Fort Hood shooting, on Thursday 11/05/2009 (see – Maj. Malik Hasan), researching explosive devices and was discussing “committing acts of domestic terrorism, including the use of mail bombs and the possibility of killing targets by gunshot to the head”.

Paul G. Rockwood agreed to an eight-year sentence for making false statements during a terrorism investigation. Nadia Rockwood, who also admitted making false statements, agreed to five years of probation, to be served in her native Britain, according to court papers.

Another USA citizen devotee of Anwar al-Awlaki, Zachary Chesser, was arrested simultaneously in Virginia. .


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