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Since peace between India and Pakistan will severely undermine the privilege status of the army in the Pakistani society, there are for long time suspicions that whenever the Indian-Pakistani relations were heating up and threats were replaced by peace negotiation, a mysterious hand committed yet another spectacular terror attack in India (see -Mumbai Carnage). In previous cases the traces always led, eventually, to the Pakistani military intelligence – ISI.

No surprise, therefore, that the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made it clear, on Monday 08/16/2010, that peace talks with Pakistan could not get an impetus unless Islamabad stopped backing outfits operating from its soil and exporting terror to India (see also – Cameron-Comment).

The prime minister, in his speech, devoted considerable time to the Indo-Pak dialogue process and the Naxal problem (The Maoists insurgency in India) — two issues which have haunted the government in recent times. With the failure of the foreign minister-level talks, held last month in Islamabad, still fresh in everyone’s mind, Mr Singh reiterated that the onus on bringing the dialogue process back on rails lay clearly with Pakistan.

The prime minister said India expected Pakistan not to let its territory be used for acts of terrorism against India. “Peace talks with Pakistan can be taken forward only if it does not support terrorism directed against India,” he observed.

“We want prosperity, peace and harmony in our neighboring countries. Whatever differences we have with our neighboring countries, we want to resolve them through discussions,” the prime minister added.

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