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Pentagon said on 09/12/2007 that an unidentified man called “Inayatullah”, claimed to be an al Qaeda operative, was transferred the last week from Afghanistan to Guantanamo.

According to Pentagon sources “Inayatullah”, operated from the Iranian town of Zahedan, close to the border junction between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Inayatullah met with local operatives, developed travel routes and coordinated documentation, accommodation and vehicles for smuggling unlawful combatants throughout countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Iraq”.

USA Military sources added that “Inayatullah” admitted being the leader of Al Qaeda in Zahedan, Iran, and planned and directed Al Qaeda terrorist activities. He was captured in an operation in Afghanistan.

Summary ;

* During operation “Absolute Justice” in 12/2001 Iran enabled some senior Al Qaeda operatives to flee through Iran, including the son of Osama Bin LadenSaad Bin Laden, but not to operate from Iran.

* A large Shiite population speaking Iranian dialect is living in West Afghanistan.

* In Iraq Al Qaeda inflamed the sectarian violence between Shiite and Sunnis and is a bitter enemy of the pro Iranian militias operating in Iraq.

* The Taliban in Afghanistan massacred thousands of Afghan ShiiteS in the Western provinces in 1998. Only an Iranian threat of military intervention stopped the bloodshed.

* The nickname “Inayatullah” (Ayatullah is an Iranian religious title means “Guided by God”) suggest that the prisoner is a Shiite Iranian Ayatullah. 

* He is probably an important figure who can shed light on the Iranian involvement in Afghanistan and, especially, with the Shiite community in Afghanistan. Through his interrogation USA expects to build the case against Iran as a country which sponsors terror, but there is doubt if “Inayatullah” is, indeed, an Al Qaeda operative. 

* In 05/2011 “Inayatullah” committed suicide while still in custody in Guantanamo (see -Yasin al-Suri).


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