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A group calling itself “Global-Jihad Media Front -GIMF-”  posted in 03/2007 in the web a video threat against Germany and Austria unless the two nations withdrew their personnel from Afghanistan.

Germany has about 3,000 troops serving with the NATO-ISAF security force in Afghanistan, but Austria sent just four liaison officers to the country.

Investigation revealed a cell of three Austrian citizens from Arab descent – an engaged couple and their friend in their early 20s’. The cell was put under surveillance by the Austrian Security Service. The investigation found out that the cell had a connection to a partner in Quebec, CanadaSaid Namouh, (35), from African descent

The Austrian members: Mohammed Mahmoud, his fiancé Muna and a convert who goes under the name Shakr A., were arrested on 09/12/2007, when they were about to leave Austria to be married in their Arab home country.  The Canadian partner Said Namouh was arrested a day later on 09/13/2007. Shakr A., 26 was released on 09/14/2007, on lack of evidence, while the couple remained in custody.  

According to the Austrian Interior Minister Gunther Platter the trio suspected of producing the video threat have confessed to having links to Al Qaeda.

Summary ; 

The cell belonged to the second circle of Global Jihad, the circle of incitement, propaganda, communication, recruiting and raising money and are the base of the pyramid of Islamic terror all over the world, although they are not engaged directly in any violent activity and most of their deeds are completely legal (see also the case of Samir-Khan).   


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