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The crucial tip-off that led to the discovery of the Mailed Bombs Plot came from a repentant Al Qaeda member Jabr Al-Faifi, U.K officials said on Monday 11/01/2010. Jabr Al-Faifi, a former Guantanamo detainee, handed himself in to authorities in Saudi-Arabia two weeks ago, the officials said (see also other Saudi-repents).

US officials have suggested, based also on Jabr Al-Faifi’s information, that a Saudi bomb maker Ibrahim H. al-Asiri is the key suspect in last week attempt to send the parcel bombs from Yemen to the US (see- YEMENs Bombs Investigation).

After leaving Guantanamo, in 12/2006, with a group known as the “Batch 10”, Jabr Al-Faifi  went through a rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia and then rejoined Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen before turning himself in to Saudi authorities, AFP news agency reports.

Jabr Al-Faifi contacted Saudi government officials saying he wanted to return home and a handover was arranged through Yemen’s government, interior ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki said (it is possible that Jabr Al-Faifi was an informant for the Saudi intelligence already since his rehabilitation, in early 2007, and uncovering the parcels plot could expose him as an informant and put him in a severe risk on his life).

Meanwhile, Germany announced on Monday it was banning all passenger flights from Yemen, AFP reported.

US investigators are also re-examining wreckage of a UPS cargo plane that crashed in Dubai on 09/03/2010. Two crew members died when the jet crashed shortly after take-off.
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