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Three persons were killed and 26 people were injured, on Monday 12/20/2010,  when a bag that was about to be loaded onto a Kampala-bound bus in the Kenyan capital Nairobi exploded, police said. Kampala is Uganda’s capital. One of those who died was carrying a bag which contained the bomb, Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere said. Most of the wounded were Ugandans travelling home for Christmas, Red Cross official Nelly Muluka told the Associated Press.

“What I can confirm so far is that one person is dead, and 26 are injured and have been taken to various hospitals,” Eric Kiraithe, the police spokesman, told the Reuters news agency on Monday. “We suspect that the dead person could be one of the six people who had wanted to load the bag into the bus, but this is yet to be confirmed.”

Earlier on Monday, Ugandan security agencies said they were on high alert for a possible attack after their intelligence reports indicated Al Qaeda-linked groups could be planning to hit Uganda during the festive season.

Police later said the blast was caused by a grenade carried by a man believed to be Tanzanian.

Kampala suffered twin suicide bombings in which 79 people were killed, on 07/11/2010, as football fans watched the finals of the world cup tournament in South Africa (see -Kampala Bombings).

Reuters TV footage on Monday showed the bright red Kampala Coach bus at its stop where it was taking in passengers, with blood stains on the road and bags strewn around the scene.

Ugandan troops are part of the African Union force helping the weak, UN-backed government battle al-Shabab in Somalia.

According to Rob Jollo, a freelancer journalist in Kenya, Police recovered from the phone book of the suspected bomber the phone number of Aboud Rogo Mohammed, who was acquitted in the Mombasa Trial, on 06/29/2005, from charges related to the Mombasa Paradise attack, on 11/28/2002. According to Kenyan Anti Terror Police Unite – ATPU Aboud Rogo Mohammed has been in and out of the country on several occasions through the porous Kenya- Somali border using unofficial entry points.

Aboud Rogo Mohammed was arrested at Kanamai in Kilifi by Anti terrorism police and charged, on Wednesday 12/22/2010, with engaging in an organised criminal activity by being a member of al-shabab. Another suspect, Abubakar Sharif Ahmed, was also charged with being a member of Al-Shabab and with   allegedly engaging in organized crime at Sabasaba, Mombasa, on Tuesday 12/21/2010.

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