Four men have been arrested, ON Wednesday 12/29/2010, in Denmark for a suspected plot to attack a newspaper which published Mohammad Cartoons, police said. The four suspects included three Swedes.  A fifth man, a Swedih citizen from Tunisian descent, Sahbi Ben Mohamed Zalouti, 37, was detained in Sweden.  According to SAPO, The Swedish secret police, Sahbi Zalouti was involved in the planning of the foiled Copenhagen attack, but decided to remain in Stockholm for reasons as yet unknown. 

The security and intelligence service (PET) said three of the four were residents of Sweden who had entered Denmark on Tuesday night. Denmark’s security agency PET said it seized Mounir Dhahri, 44, a Tunisian citizen living in Sweden, a 29-year-old Lebanese-born Swedish citizen Munir Awad, the Swedish citizen Omar Abdalla Aboelazm, 30, who was living in Sweden and had entered Denmark late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The fourth person detained was a 26-year-old Iraqi asylum-seeker, A. Salman, living in Copenhagen since 2000.The Iraqi was reportedly released but was still believed to have been involved in the plot (see – The Swedish Cell ). 

A pistol fitted with a silencer,  live ammunition  and $20,000 were found when they were searched, Danish media said.

The Pet said the group had been planning to enter the building where the Jyllands-Posten daily has its Copenhagen news desk and had wanted “to kill as many of the people present as possible”.

Jakob Scharf, the head of Pet, said “an imminent terror attack has been foiled”. He described some of the suspects as “militant Islamists”. The arrests were made after close co-operation with Swedish police, he added.

* The Four suspects: Sahbi Ben Mohamed Zalouti, Munir Awad and Omar Abdalla Aboelazm, all Swedish citizens of Tunisian, Lebanese and Moroccan origin respectively, along with a Tunisian national living in Sweden,Mounir Ben Mohamed Dhahri pleaded, on Friday 04/13/2012, not guilty yesterday as they went on trial in Denmark over a suspected plot to massacre the staff of a newspaper that first published controversial Muhammad Cartoons.

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