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Just a week after USA Vice President Joe Biden visited Pakistan in yet another effort to enhance Pakistan’s commitment to fight Islamic militancy and especially to Support USA in their campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan, a report claimed the Taliban leader Mullah Omar, who based himself in Quetta, Pakistan on the Afghan border, had a heart attack on 01/07/2011. He was treated for several days in a hospital in Karachi under the protection of thenotorious Pakistani intelligence apparatus – ISI (see – Waldman Report). 

According to the report suggests that the Pakistanis are keen to keep Mullah Omar alive to preserve their influence over the Taliban, despite official denials. He is now said to be at a safe-house run by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence – ISI, in Karachi (see – Karachi-Project). 

A doctor at the hospital, which was not identified, said he saw Omar struggling to recover from an operation to put a stent – an artificial tube – in his heart. The doctor added: “After the operation, there seemed to be some brain damage with Mullah Omar having slurred speech.”

The report came from the “Eclipse Group” run by former CIA and military officers and carried online by the Washington Post, has run intelligence-gathering operations for the US government in Afghanistan.

The report said that after three to four days of post-operative care, he was released to the ISI and ordered to take absolute bed rest at home for at least several days.

It said the ISI was keeping the Quetta Shura (council), the Taliban’s governing body run by Mullah Omar, “informed” about his recovery at “an ISI guesthouse in Karachi under ISI guard.” It said a source in the Quetta shura said: “Mullah Omar is continuing to improve and his speech is clearing” (see also -Omar’s Confusion)  

A US official from Kabul told the Washington Post: “No one on this end has heard this. It doesn’t mean it’s not true, we just have no information to confirm or dispute these facts.”

British Foreign Office sources said they were also checking the reports. Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, said the report “had no basis whatsoever” (see also – Afpak-War). 
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