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The U.K has become a “safe haven” for foreign suspects, the outgoing terror laws watchdog has said on Thursday 02/03/2011. In his last report, Lord Carlile (pic) said rulings from the European Court of Human Rights meant it was difficult to remove dangerous people (see – JUDICIAL TANGLE ).

He said the UK was relying on foreign states’ assurances about the treatment of suspects that judges may not accept.  He also said the political debate over replacing control orders had been “poorly informed” at times (see also -Illegal Orders ).

In his sixth annual report, Lord Carlile, a QC and Liberal Democrat peer, said that the UK had failed to persuade the European Court that the risk of ill-treatment faced by a detainee in his home country had to be balanced with the threat posed to the UK’s national security.

The UK had deals over the treatment of deportees with Algeria, Jordan, Ethiopia and Libya – but Lord Carlile said the legal chances of avoiding removal remained high.

“The effect is to make the UK a safe haven for some individuals whose determination is to damage the UK and its citizens, hardly a satisfactory. Immigration Minister Damian Green said he thought Lord Carlile had overstated the case.

Lord Carlile said that control orders remained the best means of monitoring suspects who could be neither deported nor tried for an offence.
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