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Several Israeli embassies have beefed up security measures after receiving terror threats, Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday 02/15/2011..

“A number of unusual events against Israeli embassies have recently been identified. At this point we estimate that a threat exists against these locations and it is being dealt with,” the statement said.

An official of Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to identify the embassies that have upped security or elaborate on the nature of the threats.

The threats, however, are believed to be directed at the embassies in Southeast Asia, Africa and Caucasus, allegedly from Hizbullah to avenge the assassination of Imad Mughniyah, the former Hizbullah commander, in Damascus on 02/18/2008 (see – Mughniyahs Death ).

The Foreign Ministry is contemplating to shut down the embassies under threat and instruct their staff to remain at home, local media reported.

On Friday 02/11/2011, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a travel advisory to Israeli travelers ahead of the third anniversary of Mugniyeh’s death. The advisory listed destinations to be avoided, including Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Mauritania and Egypt.

The Israel Defense Forces increased its readiness last week along the border with Lebanon prior to the marking of Mugniyeh’s death.

The Australian former Jihadist Jack Roche was arrested in Australia in late 2002 after he was spotted from 06/2000, through the surveillance cameras around the Israeli embassy too many times. Jack Roche roused suspicions and was put under Australian security service (ASIO) surveillance.

It is assumed that “unusual events against Israeli embassies” are of similar nature and included, maybe, people who rented apartments nearby or were seen checking high buildings around the Israeli embassies.

A Turkish newspaper said, on Thursday 02/17/2011, that the Israeli embassy in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, and the Consulate in Istanbul were closed due to security reasons.


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