Earlier this month, 03/2011, Al-Fajr, a jihadist media distribution outlet, published the first issue of al-Shamika (“the majestic woman”), an online magazine designated specially for female Jihadi audience.

al-Shamika seems to be a mix of beauty tips (avoid “towelling too forcibly,” ladies) with the usual dose of Al Qaeda  propaganda. Its opening pages describe the magazine’s purpose as inspiring more female terrorists, since “since [the enemies] know all too well what would happen if women entered the field of jihad.”

al-Shamika’s table of contents lists articles on “Marrying a jihadist,” “Sharia law that applies to you” and “Your house is your kingdom,” as well as a “meeting with a jihad wife.” Not exactly a leading role for women.

The Independent in UK writes that issue No. 2 will have tips on waging “electronic jihad”.  If so, then al-Shamika is the feminine equivalent to INSPIRE MAGAZINE .

Already in 08/2004 Saudi Al Qaeda leader Abdul Aziz Muqrin published a short living similar online magazine ‘Al-khansa’.

Ayman Al Zawahiri’s wife, Umaymah Hasan Ahmed Muhammed Hasan, published online, in 12/2009, a “letter to Muslim Women” discussing the prospect of women participating in violent jihad.. In a translation of the letter published by the jihadi media outlet Dar al Murabiteen, Umaymah claims that women’s “basic role in which we hope Allah to accept from us, is to protect the Mujahideen in their children and houses and secret, and to help them by giving good upbringing to their children.”

Nonetheless, she approvingly takes note of suicide operations carried out by women in Iraq, Israel and Chechnya, praising how they “vexed the enemy and caused them a great defeat.”


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