The San Antonio Express-News said, on Sunday 03/27/2011, suspected terrorists are in the USA and that a Somali man, Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, in custody helped them in through Mexico and Texas.

A Justice Department memo and other documents obtained by the San Antonio Express-News said, on Sunday 03/27/2011, federal officials believe the suspects, who remain at large, are members of East African groups.

Last spring, USA Homeland Security officials issued an alert asking Houston-area law enforcement to be on the lookout for a suspected member of the al-Shabab group (see also – Shabab-Network).

That was after the new charges were added against 24-year-old Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, a Somali citizen, who had been picked up in Brownsville in 2008. On 11/02/2008 Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane pleaded guilty to making false statements in support of his asylum application and is to be sentenced on 04/28/2011.

He did not tell the government that he is a member of Al-Itihad al-Islami, a Somali terrorist group and is also involved with al-Barakat financial transfer network (see also – Shabab US Funding). Al-Itihad al-Islami gave logistic support to the bombing of USA Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, on 08/07/1998, and the Mombasa Paradise attack, on 11/28/2002. Eventually Al-Itihad al-Islami became a part of the Somali al-Shabab network and is banned in U.K for affiliation to islamic international terror (see – Banned in U.K).

The prosecutors say that Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane did not distinguish between these groups and other Somali terrorist groups like al-Shabab, which is tied to Al-Qaeda, because of the close connections between them.

Dhakane ran a smuggling ring that helped Somalis enter the U.S. through Brazil from 06/2006 to 03/2008 and he bragged about the wealth it brought him. He was recorded as saying he earned at least $3,000 for each person he got into the U.S. and made up to $75,000 in one day. An unspecified number of those smuggled were members of Al-Ittihad al-Islami. “He admits that he knowingly believed he was smuggling violent jihadists into the United States with the full knowledge that if the decision was made by the (specially designated global terrorist groups) … these jihadists would commit violent acts in and against the United States,” the Justice Department memo stated, according to the Express-News.

Federal prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence of at least 20 years for Dhakane, according to the memo. Five of Dhakane’s alleged clients are identified in the memo, three of whom are known to have entered the U.S.

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