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The police commander for northern Afghanistan, Gen Daud Daud (A) has been killed in a suicide bomb attack on Takhar province governor’s office and the top German commander Gen. Markus Kneip (B) was seriously wounded in the attack on Saturday 05/28/2011. Seven people were killed in the explosion, including three German troops, a spokesman for the governor’s office told AFP news agency, but this has not been confirmed. Shah Jahan Nuri, the provincial police chief, was among the victims and the governor was injured, the spokesman added.

Gen Mohammad Daud Daud was bodyguard to Ahmad Shah Massoud, the military commander of the Northern Alliance, the Afghan forces who fought the Taliban prior to operation Absolute Justice in 11/2001. He was also the former deputy interior minister for narcotics and highly thought of by NATO.


The Taliban recent Spring 2011 0ffensive targets mainly police and military objectives. The latest attack will be seen as significant because it has struck an area of the country’s north which has been seen as relatively secure. The attack is a propaganda victory for the Taliban and a blow to wider counter-insurgency efforts.

The latest attack occurred at the compound of Takhar provincial governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa, in Taluqan, while officials were having a meeting, a police spokesman said (see – Takhar 05.18.11). German troops are based in neighboring  Kunduz province, and have oversight of Takhar (see also -Kunduz 03.14.11 ).

The Taliban has claimed it carried out the attack.

Gen. Markus Kneip was wounded, along with three of his soldiers, while two German troops were killed, according to German media reports.

“We are aware of reports there has been an attack at the governor’s palace in Taloqan, Takhar province,” said Major Tim James, spokesman for the NATO-ISAF in Kabul.

Also on Saturday Britain’s former ambassador to Afghanistan, Sherard Cowper-Coles, has harshly criticized USA top military commander, General David Petraeus. Sherard Cowper-Coles said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that Petraeus should be “ashamed of himself” for what Cowper-Coles said was citing Taliban deaths as a sign of progress in the country.

Cowper-Coles was speaking in response to Petraeus’ statement, “In a typical 90-day period, in fact, precision operations by U.S special mission units and their Afghan partners alone kill or capture some 360 targeted insurgent leaders” (see also – Petraeus Mission ).

Cowper-Coles credited Petraeus’ predecessor, Stanley McChrystal, with prioritizing the protection of Afghanistan civilians over military gains (see also -McChrystal Report). Petraeus moves to a new post in September as head of the CIA.
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