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Egypt’s Muslims Brotherhood’s political party was declared legal by Cairo, on Tuesday 06/07/2011, the Egyptian state news agency MENA said.

The achievement is the movement’s first since its inception, eight decades ago. “The commission on party affairs has given its approval for the formation of the “Freedom and Justice Party” – inspired, probably, by the name of the Islamic party in Turkey “Freedom and Development:” MENA said.

The Muslims Brotherhood was officially illegal but mostly tolerated during the rule of president Hosni Mubarak, ousted in a popular revolt in 02/2011 (see – EgYpt’s Victory Day). It was set up in 1928 and an official ban imposed in 1954, over its suspected involvement in a series of political assassinations in the 1950s, including an attempt on the life of Egypt’s first republican president, Gamal Abdal Nasser.

As the best-organized political movement in Egypt, the Brotherhood announced on 04/30/2011 the formation of a “non-theocratic party” to contest up to half of parliament’s seats in a September election.

The Freedom and Justice Party announced last month that it had almost 9,000 founding members. The legalization of the Muslim Brotherhood indicates the party is looking to imitate the Turkish Model of political Islam. Just three days ago the Syrian branch of the Muslims Brotherhood accepted, in the Antalya Conference,  the same principle of separation between the state as such and the Islamic political activity in the framework of a civilian constitution (see -Assads Match-Point).

The new “Freedom and Justice Party” will be, almost certainly, at list the balance of Egyptian future politic.
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