Malaysia has re-arrested, on Monday 06/06/2011, Agus Salim, an Indonesian who slipped back into the country after being deported for harboring one of Southeast Asia’s most wanted terror suspects, Mas Selamat Kastari.

Agus  Salim, from Indonesia’s Sumatra island, was detained on Monday at the restaurant where he works in the southern city of Johor Baru for entering the country under a false name, a senior police official said.

Agus  Salim was arrested in 2009 under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for indefinite detention without trial.

Agus  Salim was deported back to Indonesia in 2009, months after his arrest (see – Release 09.15.09), but police found out that he re-entered Malaysia under a new name, an immigration offence, several months ago, the police official said.

“We have arrested him in 2009 because of his involvement in harboring Mas Selamat in Johor Baru,” the official told AFP. “We are sure he is (still) trying very hard to assist the JI group.”

The official said Agus  Salim was working at the same restaurant where he had been employed before his 2009 arrest.

The New Straits Times reported, quoting unnamed sources, that the 34-year-old was believed to be an INDONESIAN JI “sleeper agent” who followed instructions to supply logistics and other help to JI members in Malaysia.

Separately, another Indonesian, Abdul Haris Syuhadi, was held under the ISA last weekend at his home in central Selangor state for allegedly recruiting members for JI.

The 63-year-old textile seller is alleged to have been spreading JI ideology and actively recruiting members for the terror group since 2002, according to police.
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