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Amera Akl(R) has been sentenced, on Wednesday 06/22/2011, to 40 months in prison for her role in a conspiracy to ship hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hizbullah militants in Lebanon. Amera Akl a suburban mother of three from Toledo, Ohio, accused, with her husband, of plotting to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to a terrorist organization.
Amera Akl, 38, a dual citizen of USA and Lebanon, originally faced up to 40 years in prison, but last month she struck a deal with federal prosecutors. The charges were dropped andAmera Akl’s maximum sentence was reduced. Members of the Akl family (clan) are leading figures in Hizbullah in Lebanon.
In 06/2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation -FBI raided the Amera Akl’s home. They found $200,000 in cash, latex gloves, and automobile accessories. Investigators believed the couple was going to send the money to Hizbullah, the U.S. government lists as a terrorist organization.
According to court documents, Amera Akl and her husband, Hor Akl (L) , met with a confidential source who was working for the FBI between 08/2009 and 06/2010 “to discuss ways to secretly send money to Hizbullah leaders in Lebanon”.
In Amera Akl’s presence, Hor Akl told the confidential source that he knew the money was being transported to “terrorists” and the Akls agreed to send money by “concealing it inside a 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer, which they planned to send to Lebanon via a container ship”, court documents stated.
Amera Akl told the source during one meeting that she “dreamed of dressing like Hizbullah, carrying a gun and dying as a martyr”. On 06/03/2010, the Akls were given $US200,000 by the source.
Prosecutors said Hor Akl traveled to Lebanon in 03/2010 to arrange the delivery of money. He returned to the USA claiming that he had met with Hezbollah officials, the complaint said. Hor Akl works at a Toledo bar with his brother-in-law. He told the FBI informant that his brother-in-law, who’s unnamed in the complaint, operated a Lebanon recreation club used frequently by Hezbollah to conduct meetings, prosecutors said.
Amera Akl’s husband, Hor, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization. He will likely be sentenced later this summer. Hor Akl faces a sentence of 7 years according to the plea bargain.
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