An eight-year-old girl has been killed after insurgents used her in a bomb attack on police in southern Afghanistan, the government has said ON Sunday 06/26/2011. The interior ministry said insurgents in Uruzgan province gave the girl a package and told her to take it to a police vehicle, detonating it as she approached. No-one else was killed in the explosion (see also – Uruzgan 02.21.10)


The incident came a day after an attack on a hospital which killed dozens (see – Logar 06.25.11).

The area where the alleged incident happened is very remote, and it was not possible to independently verify the reports.

According to the local governor of Char Cheno district, where the attack took place, the girl from the nearest village told nothing would happen to her.

Correspondents say insurgents have recruited both adult women and recently male children to carry out suicide attacks, though the Taliban denies recruiting children.

On late Saturday 06/25/2011, in neighbor Pakistan, a husband and wife carried out a suicide attack that killed eight people at a police station in Kolachi, near the tribal region and Taliban stronghold of FATA, South Waziristan, the local Taliban has said.

The pair entered the police station dressed in burkas, hiding rifles, hand grenades and suicide vests underneath. They held staff hostage for several hours before detonating themselves, killing seven officers and a tea boy.
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