Hizbullah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasserallah said, on Friday 06/24/2011, the group had captured three spies among its members. “Our investigation has found that… intelligence officers (in the CIA) have recruited two of our members separately, whom we shall not name out of respect for the privacy of their families,” Hassan Nasserallah pointed out (see – Secret-War).

While emphasizing that two separated cases had been detected having relations with diplomats in the US embassy in Beirut, his eminence said this discovery was a proof that the US Embassy turned to be the center of espionage.

According to Hassan Nasserallah, the first case – A.B. – had been recruited since five months by a CIA officer, while the second – M.H. – had been recruited before the first. “Both of them confessed to their relations with the CIA after being detected,” Nasserallah said. While noting that the third – M.A. – had confessed to his security links to a foreign body, Hassan Nasserallah  said the group was still investigating whether he had been recruited by the CIA, Israel’s Mossad or the intelligence service of a European country.

Two of whom were recruited by the CIA. The spies, one of whom was recruited five months ago, did not pose a serious threat to the movement or its military capabilities, he said.

Israeli Channel 2 news, on Friday 07/01/2011 evening, in its weekly news magazine named M.H as Muhammad al-Hajj, a former chief of Hizbullah’s operations in South Lebanon prior to the Israeli withdrawal, in 05/2000, and up to recently the head of Hizbullah’s training system.

M.A was identified as Nuhammad Atwa, a senior commander in the long range missile unit of Hizbullah designated to target the Israeli infrastructure and towns in central Israel and southward. They were recruited probably during a visit in Romania and Istanbul, Turkey.


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