The situation in Mogadishu, Somalia’s Capital, is deteriorating fast since the Ethiopian-Somali War in 12/2006.

Ethiopian Christian troops, suppose to back a USA supported weak interim government, are fighting, in African standards, a growing Islamic insurgency of the “Council of Islamic Courts” ( CIC ).  Ethiopian troops are carrying out reprisal attacks in Mogadishu after the body of a soldier was dragged, on Thursday 11/09/2007, through Mogadishu’s streets. Tanks and artillery battered, indiscriminately, insurgent strongholds in the city. Residents reported that many civilians were killed and injured in the fighting (see also – .Mogadishu 10.26.07 )

The UN says 100,000 people have left, only in the last two weeks, to escape clashes between Ethiopian soldiers and Islamist militants.

The so called “War on Terror” already ignited three bloody civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, caused turmoil and instability in the nuclear power Pakistan, a humanitarian crisis of many millions, the killing of more then 100,000 innocents and it is, yet, far from over.


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