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Amide the ongoing Homs Massacre, some 25 soldiers and civilians were killed, on Friday 02/10/2012, and 175 wounded in two blasts outside security bases in Halab (Aleppo), in Northern Syria. In similar previous cases when the opposition blamed Bashar’s regime for staging the attacks (see – Damascus 01.06.12).

Speaking to Al Arabiya TV channel by phone from Halab a resident accused the regime of standing behind explosion. The resident, who called himself Abu Obeida, said the blast was first heard near the military intelligence building and about half an hour later white smoke was seen rising from the scene.

The blasts were also reported by the Syrian General Revolution Commission, blaming Syrian regime for the attacks that share resemblance to the events in Damascus in January. Buu unlike in previous cases that time the Free Syria Army – FSA claimed responsibility for the attack. “What happened in Aleppo was an military attack against Military Intelligence, with shells, rockets and bombs. A number of walls collapsed and there were some people killed from the military base. This was not a car bomb but a military operation,” Col Arif al-Hamoud told BBC Arabic by telephone from Turkey.

Later, another FSA spokesman, Col Mahir Nouaimi, told AFP: “This criminal regime is killing our children in Homs and carrying out bomb attacks in Aleppo to steer attention away from what it is doing in Homs.”

The television said one of the blasts targeted a military intelligence center and the other a center for the security forces in Halab.

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