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IRAQ -Dozens of Iraqi teenagers have been killed in recent months by militias who consider them to be devil worshippers, human rights activists claim. The young people are described as “emos”, a term used in the West to refer to youths who listen to rock music and wear alternative clothing. Reports say that up to 58 teenagers have been beaten to death or shot in the last month, most of them men (see also – Haditha 03.05.12).

PAKISTAN – A suicide bomber has killed at least 14 people and wounded 30 in an attack on a funeral in the outskirts of the north-west Pakistani city of Peshawar. Police say they believe the bomber was targeting local anti-Taliban politician Khushdil Khan, who was attending the funeral. He escaped unhurt.

NIGERIA – At least four people have been killed after a car laden with explosives detonated outside a Catholic church in central Nigeria. The bomber was apparently stopped before his car entered the church compound in the city of Jos, a rescue official said. .The attack is attributed to Boko Haram. (see also – Jos 12.25.10).

SYRIA -Amide alleged reconciliation efforts by U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, scores of people have been killed on Sunday, including women and children, as the Syrian regime committed a new massacre in the Karm al-Zaitoun and al-Adaweya neighborhoods of Homs, according to activists at the Syrian Revolution Commission (see also – Homs Massacre).

The massacre was carried out by the security forces and the regime’s ‘shabbiha’ (thugs), who killed the victims inside their homes, activists told Al Arabiya, pointing out that as many as 45 dead bodies have been found. The victims were killed by horrific methods; including burning, breaking their bones or slaughtering, according to activists (see – SYRIAN DILEMA).

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