Five men who received terror training in Pakistan gave themselves up to the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) last month after reading about another terror recruit’s change of heart in The Times of India – TOI.

TOI had front-paged on 04/03/2012 the story of a twenty-something terror operative who approached the ATS and confessed to getting terror training in Pakistani militant camps. He told the agency that he had no wish to kill anyone or hurt the country. The college graduate was later given a Rs 25,000-a-month job on the police’s recommendation.

They had travelled to Pakistan in late 2010 and got coaching there for three months in “using firearms, bomb-making, recruiting others, expanding the terror network, and in how to evade the police”. Four of the five, officers said, had travelled as a cell and the last independently. The last youth, thanks to his confessions, is today employed with a computer firm.

Police officers said the youths were paid Rs 1 lakh each for choosing to undergo terror training. One of the camps they were sent to is in Muridke, the same place where the Mumbai Carnage gunman Ajmal Kasab (see – Mumbai-attackers) and his associates were allegedly trained. The 11/2008 terrorists were reportedly paid Rs 1.50 lakh each to attack Mumbai.


On Wednesday 05/09/2012 India issued a terror alert about 5 alleged Lashkar-e-Toiba – LeT operatives who are on their way or already entered Mumbai to commit yet another terror attack. The Maharashtra police released photographs of three alleged terrorists, out of five, Atif Butt, Mehtab Ahmed Butt, 40, and security guard Babar Shabbir.

The terrorists, an officer added, infiltrated the country earlier by land through the borders of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. They are carrying on them fake Indian identity cards, copies of which have been sent by central intelligence agencies to the Mumbai police. The three, however, are present in Lahore, with two of them running businesses and one serving as a security guard at the city’s famed electronics market Hafeez Centre.

Atif Butt is running a mobile phone business, Sun Mobiles, in shop number 25 at lower ground floor while Mehtab Butt is running a business in the name of Al Hafeez in shop number 26 on the same floor, local manager Fayyaz said while speaking to The Express Tribune late Wednesday night. The three went to Gulberg police station in the heart of Lahore and sought protection from the authorities.

On Saturday 05/12/2012, the Indian police released two more names: Amjad Ali Khan, who works at a cell phone shop at Hafeez Centre market, and Nadeem Malik who runs a business dealing in used phones. Amjad Ali Khan claimed he and Nadeem Malik had received several calls from an Indian phone number and that the caller had asked them both about their links with terrorist organisations.

It is yet to be established how their photos were issued by Indian security agencies to the media but it is clear that the Indian intelligence was successfully deceived by their Pakistani foe, the ISI, who managed to like misleading information into the Indian apparatuses by an double agent or by defectors.



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