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Afghanistan’s intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid was wounded, on Thursday 12/06/2012, in an assassination attempt in the capital, Kabul, Afghan officials said.A senior government official said Asadullah Khalid suffered injuries on the lower part of his body when a bomb exploded at the intelligence chief’s guest house as he was receiving a visitor. The house is used for private meetings that Khalid doesn’t want to hold at the official compound of the National Directorate of Intelligence, the official said .

The official would not provide more details beyond saying the bombing was an attempt on Khalid’s life. Asadullah Khalid was rushed to a medical facility run by the intelligence service, the government official said.

An Afghan police official also confirmed that Asadullah Khalid was injured in a blast. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the information.

Asadullah Khalid, a former minister of tribal and border affairs and ex-governor of two provinces, was appointed head of the service in last September. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack (see – Deep Infiltration).

Asadullah Khalid survived a previous assassination attempt when he was governor of Kandahar province in 2007. He is the last of a long list of most senior government officials targeted and often killed by Taliban in the recent years.

* Afghan President Hamid Karzai saiid, on 12/08/2012,the suicide attack that wounded the Afghan intelligence chief was planned in neighboring Pakistan, in the city of Quetta, and that he would raise the issue with Islamabad. The suicide bomber posing as a peace messenger “Of course we will be seeking clarification from Pakistan because we know this man who came in the name of a guest to meet Asadullah Khalid came from Pakistan. We know that for a fact,” Karzai said (see – ANBIGUOUS PAKISTAN).
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