01. – 02/26/1993

After the first attack on the World Trade Center, the WTC, New York, on 02/26/1993 Ramzi Yousef dictated on the phone an announcement addressed for the media to one of the activists in Al Farook Mosque, Brooklyn, New York, which said, among other things, “…next time we shall be more precise”.


02. – 01/06/1995

Abdul Hakim Murad was arrested in Manila, Philippines. In his investigation Abdul Hakim Murad revealed his connection with Ramzi Yousef and the Bojinka Plot to explode in the air 10 commercial flights from South East Asia to USA scheduled to the 01/22/1995. He also identified their financier Khalid Shaik Mohammed . Abdul Hakim Murad  also revealed their intent to load a light aircraft with explosive and crush it into the Pentagon or other American symbol.



03. – 02/07/1995

Ramzi Yousef was arrested in a building belonging to Pakistani military intelligence – ISI, close to Islamabad. After a short while Ramzi Yousef was extradited to USA. In his investigation he left no doubt that the World Trade Center, the WTC in New York, USA are still the prime target for Islamic Jihad.


04. – 12/1997.

A newly retired CIA agent, Robert Baer, met in Qatar a former local police chief. Robert Baer complained that Qatar authority enabled Khalid Shaik Mohammed to slip away from FBI to Afghanistan and join there Osama Bin Laden . Robert Baer heard from the Qatari former police chief that Khalid Shaik Mohammed is going to hijack some plane“. The information was passed to the CIA.


05. – 1998.

For six months Hani Hanjour, later the pilot hijacker of flight 77, was under surveillance of the FBI through the informant Aukai Collins – a white American Muslim who fought in Chechnya.


06. – 08/07/1998.

A double attack occurred on the USA Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania on 08/07/1998 . Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden proved themselves capable to carry out a multi-national sophisticated attack on USA interests.


07. – Autumn 1998

The NSA (National Security Agency in USA) intercepted a Phone call from Osama Bin Laden himself speaking about a plot involving aircrafts in Washington and New York.


08. – 1999.

The British intelligence MI6 conveyed a warning that Al Qaeda has a plan to hijack commercial aircrafts and use theme “possibly as flying bombs”.


09. – Autumn 1999

 A. The Saudi Arabian intelligence informed the CIA that the brothers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Salem al-Hazmi together with Khalid al-Mihdhar, who later became muscle hijackers of flight 77, were put on the terror watch list in the country.

B. Hamburg Cell in Germany drew attention of the local security service and put under surveillance because 4 members of the Cell went to Pakistan simultaneously without any logical explanation.


10. – 01/03/2000

A. CIA was monitoring The Kuala Lumpur Convention in Malaysia. Immediately after the convention, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, already on the Saudi Arabian terror list, flied to Los Angels, USA, but their names as suspects in terror were not passed to the FBI because of the regulations at that time. Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar became later muscle hijackers in flight 77.

  B. Mohamed Atta and other members of Hamburg Cell were under surveillance of CIA agents in Germany until Mohamed Atta went to USA in 07/2000.


11.- 10/12/2000.

A suicide terrorist attacked the destroyer USS Cole in Aden Harbor, Yemen. Al Qaeda proved, once again, determination to target Americans wherever they can all over the world.


12. – 07/10/2001

An FBI agent, Ken Williams, from Phoenix, Arizona, issued a memorandum about suspicious Middle Eastern men “taking flight training lessons in Arizona.


13. –07/16/2001

     A. In Tarragona, Spain, last coordination meeting before the 9/11 took place. Although all the participants in the Tarragona Meeting were known to the security services in Germany, Spain and USA they failed to share information though the meeting was a clear terror alert. Following the meeting the German Intelligence issued a warning to CIA that “Middle Eastern terrorists are planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapon of attack”.

 B. NSA intercepted a phone conversation between Mohamed Atta and Khalid Shaik Mohammed . That conversation itself should have been a major terror alert since the two were already known to the intelligence community.


14.-  08/16/2001

Zacarias Moussaoui, possibly the 20th hijacker, was arrested in Egan, Minnesota. FBI did not find a legal excuse to search his computer.


15. – 08/23/2001

ISRAELI Mossad conveyed to CIA a list of 19 Arab terrorists that were planning an attack on USA soil in the near future. Among the 19 terrorists 4 participated in the 9/11 attack: Nawaf al-Hazmi , Khalid al-Mihdhar, Marwan al-Shehi and Mohamed Atta.


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