Al-Farook Mosque in Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York was a center to Global Jihad from 1980, when sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani came to preach in the Mosque and established the Jamaat al-fukra. Al Farook cell carried out the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahana by El Sayyid Nosair on 11/05/1990. The Mosque was the base of Al Qaeda spy Ali Mohammed inside USA intelligence community and members of the Mosque executed the first attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, on 02/26/1993.Mahmud Abuhalima, that was the escape driver for El Sayyid Nosair , was also the driver that parked the car bomb under the WTC on 02/26/1993.


The “Al Kifah” association – 1987


In 1987, under the Imam Fawaz Damra, Mustafa Shalabi and other members of the Al-Farook Mosque founded the “Al Kifah” charity association to raise money and recruit volunteers to the war in Afghanistan. That activity was welcomed by the USA security establishment as it was regarded aimed against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The CIA itself established the contacts between “Al Kifah” in Brooklyn and Osama Bin Laden ’s office in Afghanistan – the Maktab al-khi.damat


Dr’ Abdullah  Azzam’s visit – 1988 


In 1988, in his money raising tour in America, Dr’ Abdullah Azzam lectured in Al-Farook Mosque his vision about Islamic Jihad that is not only against the Soviets in Afghanistan but against the foreign influence on all the Muslim world, specially American and Western influence.


The Blind Sheikh Omar  Abdel Rahman arrival – 07/1990 


On 07/1990 the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, already known leader of the Jihad in Afghanistan, arrived to USA and was immediately surrounded by local followers. El Sayyid Nosair became his personal driver and he became very soon the Imam of the Al-Farook Mosque.

The Pipe-Bombs Plot – 03/1991


In 03/1991 two members of Al-Farook Mosque, El Sayyid Nosair , already in jail in Rickers Island, and Wadih el Hage, plotted to plant 12 pipe-bombs in Jewish targets in New York and to assassinate El Sayyid Nosair s’ judge but never executed their plan.


Mustafa Shalabi’s assassination – 02/25/1991


Mustafa Shalabi, the manager and founder of “Al Kifah” association, had a bitter struggle with the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman ever since he arrived to USA on 07/1990, probably about controlling and using the Al Kifah’s money. He was subject to constant denunciations by Omar Abdel Rahman’s followers. Under the pressure Mustafa Shalabi sent his family back to Egypt. Few days later, on 02/25/1991 Mustafa Shalabi, was mysteriously murdered.

The World Trade Center (WTC) Attack – 02/26/1993. 


The investigation after the first attack on the WTC in New York, on 02/26/1993, revealed that most of the participants were from Al-Farook Mosque worshipers and that the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman used his connection to Afghanistan to recruit experts, like Ramzi Yousef, to train his followers in using explosives.


The “HOLLAND Tunnel” plot, also known as “Day  of Terror” plot – 1993. 


After a short surveillance, the FBI revealed another plot planned by Al-Farook Mosque cell to set off five bombs in 10 minutes intended to blow up the United Nations headquater, the Lincoln and HOLLAND tunnels, the George Washington Bridge and a federal building in New York housing the FBI.  


Epilogue –


* Despite the arrests of so many terror activists from Al-Farook Mosque still In 1999 a Yemenite Sheikh  Mohammed al-Moayad raised money in the Al-Farook Mosque, allegedly for charity that, according to intelligence sources, was used to finance Al Qaeda’s terror network.


* Nine worshipers of Al-Farook Mosque were arrested for the Day  of Terror plot, convicted on 10/01/1995 and sent for life to jail. 


* Four other associates of Al-Farook Mosque were convicted in 2002 of conspiring with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to commit terrorist acts while he was in prison.


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