On the 07/16/2001 a meeting took place in Salou, resort near Tarragona, about 100 km south of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  In this meeting at Tarragona participated some of the most dangerous terrorist that later carried out The 9/11 with others that had connections to the Madrid trains bombing on 03/11/2004. Most of the participants in Tarragona meeting were already known to the security services in Europe and USA.

 Among the participants:


Ramzi Binalshibh, the coordinator of The 9/11; Mohamed Atta a member of Hamburg Cell and the pilot of the hijacked flight 11 on 9/11; Marwan al-Shehi a member of Hamburg Cell and the pilot of the hijacked flight 175 on The 9/11. Imad Yarkas, later accused as the head of Al Qaeda in Spain, now in jail. Amer Azizi, escaped Spain in late 2001, probabaly to Iran.
Mamoun Darkazanli, an aide to Imad Yarkas and a member of Hamburg Cell was arrested in Germany on 10/14/2004 and released on 07/18/2005.

Driss Chebli, the organizer of the meeting, was convicted in 09/26/2005 for 6 years in jail for being a member in a terrorist group; Mohamed Belfatmi and, at least, two others. Most likely the last details of The 9/11 were discussed in this meeting.

Just a week earlier 07/09/2001 in the same hotel in Salou near Tarragona there was a anti-terror convention with experts from all over the world. Since Ramzi Binalshibh attended in Tarragona at that time he possibly went to the discussions there to have a better insight.

Although all the participants where known to the security services in Germany, Spain and USA they failed to share information though the very meeting was a very clear terror alert.


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