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Fayez  Banihammad was born in UAE to a family originally from Asir province in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen
Fayez  Banihammad left home in early 2000 as he said to his family in Asir – to work with a relief Muslim agency. It is not known what he did beside that he visited in the Philippines on 10/17/2000 for three days. Later, in 07/2001, Fayez  Banihammad opened a bank account in UAE in which he deposited 30,000$. 
In the beginning of July 2001 Fayez  Banihammad arrived USA, probably with Saeed al-Ghamdi, and moved to Orlando, Florida. Like other 9 hijackers, Fayez  Banihammad opened a local-bank account in Sun Trust Bank, Florida. After arriving to USA he gave to the elusive figure, known as Mustafa al-Hawsawi, full authority over his bank account in Dubai.  
Fayez  Banihammad purchased tickets to Flight 175 with another muscle hijacker of his team Mohand al-Shehri on the 08/27/2001 and paid with Mustafa al-Hawsawis’ Visa credit card.
On the night of 09/10/2001 Fayez  Banihammad shared a room in Milner Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, with Mohand al-Shehri, Satam al-Suqami from flight 11 team and Marwan al-Shehi the Hamburg Cell member and the pilot hijacker of his flight 175. Fayez  Banihammad boarded flight 175 on the morning of The 9/11 without problem. 


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